Tuesday, November 4, 2008

CNN headline: Polls open as America rewrites history

Yesterdays headline on CNN - Sen. Barack Obama's grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, died following a bout with cancer. Many people, supporters and non-supporters are praying for him and his family. It's such a sad thing to happen but yet, it's a human thing. Grieving is a part of this life that none of us enjoy but most have experienced. Our prayers go out to you Sen. Obama and to all those who have lost loves ones this week.

Today’s CNN headline: Polls open as America rewrites history
History.... that's such a strong word. Something we only see in history books, or something our elders tell us about, or something we research for. History!! This will be in the history books that our children read, and their children, etc. Today each of us can take part in voting that will ReWRITE history for OUR offspring’s.

Some of our ancestors did for this the right to vote. This world is in need of some changes. I pray that everyone votes from their heart and NOT their eyes. People don't want to talk about racism but it exists, YES today. And though I am one person, and I can't change the world, I am going to pray that our next leader can, and will!

Happy Voting day everyone.

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