Thursday, September 17, 2009

Summer it gone too soon!!

It's been a while.. LOL I don't have much today today except that I will be glad when people learn to enjoy the rain.. for after the rain comes the rainbow and then the sunshine..
This is one of those life lessons that many people over look..
The Rain is needed to supply the earth with needed water and nutrients.. (Same goes for us, we need storms and rain in our lives to help us grow spiritually)
Then we see the rainbow that God sends us ( god sends us a rainbow via a still small voice or and encouraging word from some one, OR the kindness of a stranger)
And then there is the beautiful sunshine ( after EVERY Storm and storm in life there is sunshine.. )

Now.. how good is our GOD! He gives us needed rain, sends us a beautiful rainbow, then gives is the warmth of the sunshine.. oh how I love Jesus because he first love me!!
Blessings to you all.. that was on my heart had to get it out.. LOL :)

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